Empowered together.

Join the movement of conscious consumption.

Join the movement of

conscious consumption.

We are United for sustainability

What is sustainablity?

The use of natural resources in a way that secures their access for future generations and maintains ecological balance

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is one of the world's most sustainable crops and can grow 3-10 cm per day, making it an extremely vigorous producer of wood

Why choose us?

Here at NeedYa Sustainables we pride ourselves on only selling items that are both sustainably and ethically sourced

One Planet.

Green solutions to many of the world's waste issues have been discovered, but awareness of such solutions is not yet universal. Here at NeedYa Sustainables we aim to raise environmental awareness and provide solutions to everyday sustainability issues.

Sustainability is a choice.

One Home.

Through our efforts to be conscious consumers we are now empowered to purchase affordable quality sustainable products.

Together we can move away from single use plastics.

One Future.

Humanity is now at a critical time when we must change our behaviour to secure our future. For over a century, societies have be developing at astonishing speeds. In this time we have seen the rise of technology, intellect and population. Such development has taken a toll on the environment, but we now have enough knowledge and capital to move away from uninformed consumption. As consumers we have the ability to make a difference through the products we choose buy and companies we choose to support. We Need Ya to stand for change!

We are united for sustainability

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