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At NeedYa Sustainables, we provide retailers, restaurants and consumers with environmentally sustainable products at affordable prices. Currently we are selling bamboo straws as our first product, in an attempt to help consumers move away from single use plastic straws. In the long run bamboo straws are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also cheaper than conventional straws. Our company's goal is to spread the message of "One Planet. One Home. One Future." while helping consumers feel empowered about their capacity to make a difference while not sacrificing the functionality of their products.


Here at NeedYa Sustainables, we only sell products that are both sustainably and ethically sourced. What does it mean to be sustainably sourced? This means that our products come from either organic or low input agriculture systems where our materials are cultivated in such a way that it does not damage the environment. What does it mean to be ethically sourced? This means that the individuals involved in the production of our products are compensated a fair wage. In the long run we also hope to aid in the creation of sustainable management farmer training programs in developing countries.

Founder & CEO, Ms.Hayes

I have long had a passion for business, the environment and development. I graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master's of Environmental Science and then began to travel the world to conduct agriculture and development research. The goal for this research is to aid in countries' transition to sustainable, low input agriculture through building networks of mutual knowledge sharing and trust between farmers, scientists, governments and businesses

Through the Canadian Department of Global Affairs and Memorial University I was granted the opportunity to conduct research in Vietnam. There I came into contact with sustainable and ethical producers of bamboo straws. Inspired by their product, the opportunity for development and the new movement for environmentally conscious consumption I decided to create NeedYa Sustainables in an effort to empower North American consumers by giving them sustainable product options.

In the future as I continue to conduct my agriculture research, I will expand my product line by partnering with entrepreneurs and sustainable business around the world.

While conducting research in Vietnam I was able to establish an Agroforestry Research Site

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