Bamboo Straws

Why bamboo over other options?

Bamboo is one of the earth's most sustainable crops. It is a very fast growing grass that can extend as much as 3-10 centimetres a day due to it's unique and efficient root structure. Bamboo is also a very hardy crop and does not require extensive external inputs such as fertilizers or water.

Our bamboo straws are organically and ethically sourced then processed without the use of chemicals. The processing of our straws is simple, the bamboo is dried, cut, sanded, hollowed and voila!

How do bamboo straws compare with other varieties?


A single bamboo straw can be used anywhere between 3-5 months under restaurant management and up to 2 years under household use. Plastic straws can only be used once. This means that  bamboo straws are not only environmentally friendly, but in the long run, are also magnitudes cheaper than the tradition plastic option.

Bamboo straws are also 100% biodegradable and can be fully composted in as little as 3 months. Plastic straws on the other hand, take an average of 500 years to decompose.


Our bamboo is harvested sustainably from an organic low input system. Our straws also do not undergo any chemical treatment. This allows for there to be minimal environmental challenges posed by their cultivation and production. Although paper straws are more environmentally friendly than plastic, paper production still poses issues. Paper production uses numerous chemicals and also produces large quantities of toxic liquids which are only partially cleaned and then released into our water ways. Unfortunately, some of these toxins are known to bioaccumulate in wildlife.

Paper straws are also more expensive than plastic straws, making bamboo straws an economical alternative.


Due to the incredible growth rate and resiliency of bamboo, one plant can sustainably produce wood for many years. Metal and glass on the contrary, must be mined and then straws can be manufactured. Mining causes long lasting negative impacts on the environment such as pollution and habitat destruction. After metal and silica (used to make glass) are mined they are sent to a factory to undergo chemical processing.

Another factor is temperature control. Bamboo straws can be comfortably used for many drink temperatures. Glass and metal straws however, tend to mimic the temperature of the beverage. This often makes them uncomfortable for hot and cold drinks.

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